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Native advent V2 deck is for those looking for a large, sturdy street deck.


Weight 2.1kg

83° head tube angle

NATIVE’s Advent II comes with Integrated Cylindrical Aluminium Deck Ends keeping the Deck Ends tubular for superior 5.0’s and the ability to rotate as needed.

The Advent II is the only scooter deck created that accommodates all industry standard wheels and comes with all 3 sets of spacers to do so. (110×24, 115×30, 125×30).

The NATIVE Omni Fender comes on all Advent II Decks.
The Omni Fender fits anything from standard 110mm x 24mm wheels to 30mm wide x 125mm diameter wheels.
The unique fastening channel underneath it allows you to slide the Omni Fender as close as possible to whatever wheel you choose to run so you have maximum foot room.

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