Here at Island Extreme we do as much as we can to support our riders, we believe that they deserve a lot, so we have created unique discount codes that help support the rider of your choice, simply use the code of the rider you wish to support and they will receive commission for that order.
Dane Armiger
Insta: @sliceoflemoncake
Age: 19
Local: East Cowes
Support a Rider code: CRUST
Harley Chamberlain
Insta: @harls.official
Age: 24
Local: Sandown
Support a Rider code: HC10
Callum Blake
Insta: @blakeazy
Age: 19
Local: Base
Support a Rider code: CB10
Josh Newton
Insta: @joshnewton.scoot
Age: 11
Local: 4 Motion
Support a Rider code: JN10
Blake Nash
Insta: @Blake_Nash
Age: 23
Local: Sandown
Support a Rider code: BN10
Daniel Webber
Insta: @showerman_d
Age: 18
Local: Yapton
Support a Rider code: NAN7
Devon Caesar
Insta: @skatty_dev
Age: 18
Local: Base
Support a Rider code: SCRAN10
Luke Waldram
Insta: @tunaaaaaaaa_15
Age: 17
Local: Seaclose
Support a Rider Code: TUNA

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