Aztek Lucid Deck 5.5 x 22 - Black

Island Extreme


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The Lucid Deck is designed to set the standard for decks in the scooter industry. This deck is designed to be extremely lightweight (over one pound lighter than comparable decks. Yes, really). Computerised stress analysis allows us to design a cost-effective extruded headtube that will outlast nearly all forged headtubes. The grinding surface is designed completely from the ground up. Rounded edges allow you to dial in your balance point on rails. Identical rounded, reinforced dropouts for the front and back create a surface that is more "bi-directional" for our quickly evolving tricks. A liberal concavity and width provides the riders with uncanny control and stability. This deck will expand the threshold of what is possible to be done on a scooter.

  • 5.5" x 22" - 3.00 lb / 139.7mm x 558.8mm - 1.36kg
  • 5.5" x 23" - 3.11 lb / 139.7mm x 558.8mm - 1.41kg
  • 6" x 23" - 3.25 lb / 152.4mm x 584.2mm - 1.47kg
  • Solid Aluminum Dropout Inserts
  • Bi-rectional rounded grinding surface 24mm/30mm wheel compatibility Adjustable shorty brake

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