District HT-Series Signature Coedie Donovan Deck 120x530mm

Island Extreme

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There aren't many words to describe the very few people like Coedie Donovan, but he's been an unbelievable influence on the sport of scootering worldwide for more than a decade. His signature deck is long overdue, but we are ultimately stoked to finally bring it to you!

#TheDon's deck is blood-red, 20.86" long and 4.72" wide, and has a bandana-style design underneath. We love the simple, classy graphic of this one, but even more so, we love that it bears the name of our very own OG, Coedie Donovan.


Weight: 1556g / 3.43lbs

Deck Length: 530mm / 20.86 inch

Width: 120mm / 4.72 inch

Headtube angle: 83°

Concave: 3°

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