Metal Core Thunder 110mm Wheel - Black/Neo

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The Metal Core Thunder had been designed with a resistant metallic nucleus with radial shape.

This wheel model uses a revolutionary PU formula, achieving an smooth wheel and with a good sliding, being able to mount it by any kind of rider no matter what level or category (street / park).

The Thunder are available in 110mm and 120mm diameter.

Technical data

The Metal Core Thunder with black rubber uses our exclusive F1 formula, achieving an excellent grip and an spectacular durability. In case of the Thunder with transparent rubber we had applied an innovative compound based on the F4 formula, that gives to the rubber a transparency never seen on scooter wheels. In both cases we had used a PU88 achieving the necessary hardness to be used in any category.

The nucleus of the Metal Core Thunder had been made by forge, obtaining a great robustness and a really low weight.

MC Thunder 110mm (with bearings): 224g
MC Thunder 120mm (with bearings): 234g

This wheel includes 2 high quality ABEC9 bearings.


Available in:
– Transparent rubber. Aluminun radial core.
– Black rubber. Titanium radial core.
– Pink, blue, orange, green, red, yellow, violet and black rubber. Rainbow radial core.

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