Metal Core Johan Walzel 110mm - Black/Brown

Island Extreme



Working elbow to elbow with our rider Johan Walzel (ranked No. 7 in the world in 2012), we have designed a wheel to satisfy the needs of the most demanding riders.

The Metal Core Johan Walzel are available in 100mm or 110mm diameters.

Technical data

The Metal Core signature Johan Walzel use the revolutionary and exclusive FTDX3 formula, achieving an excellent grip and an spectacular durability. The PU88 of this wheel gives it the necessary hardness to be able to use it in any event.

The innovation on this wheel comes also from its nucleus. The spectacular design of this wheel had been possible thanks to the use of the CNC technology.

A perfect combination between durability and sliding added to a really attractive and striking design.

MC Johan Walzel 100mm (with bearings): 194g
MC Johan Walzel 110mm (with bearings): 230g

This wheel includes 2 high quality ABEC9 bearings.


Black rubber combined with different forging nucleus in black, brown, bronze and titanium colours.

Rasta special model with red rubber, forging nucleus in green colour and bearings with yellow cover.

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